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Does anyone have any good QAF, Randy Harrison or Gale Harold communities to recommend? I was going through my flist and adding comms randomly, but there are so many to choose from. Maybe you will point to any active and lively comms, maybe with news about what Gale and Randy are up to now, and good pictures from QAF.

Thank you in advance.
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It's a yearly post! Haven't been around LJ much, been super busy, but I have a week off for Thanksgiving, yay! So maybe I'll catch up on some b/j stories on bjfic.

V.v cool that Randy seems to be busy! Wish I cold go to paris too.

Thanks to everyone and the new comm whatsupqaf for keeping me up to date on events! fun to read through that.

Back into my corner now.
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Oh, yeah, ps - I added a bunch of people as friends whose writing I like from teh bjfic comm. Hope nobody minds. I just want updates.
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Um, okay, I started this journal because it was recommended since there's a lot to read here, and I've been hanging over at Midnight Whispers and BJfic (lurking), since I dont' want to join a lot of groups because that's usually not my thing - :)!!! Anyways, nothing to say. I keep to myself a lot. My life's cool but quiet, I like to read a lot. And of course, got into QAF when I rented the first season - and then all the others!!! Oh, and, I love my cats. On line stuff's kind of new to me, but I've heard enough about it from lurking - which is why I avoided it up to know LMAO!!!

That's all. I probably won't have much to say, but I'm looking forward to reading B/J stuff.
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